Sunday, August 7, 2011

eating out with smokers

Well not exactly eating with smokers, because we don't smoke and don't know anyone who does, but going out to eat where there are smokers is a bit of a problem.  We are on Gozo as a change from Malta and went out to eat the other night to a very nice restaurant with a roof top garden setting.  We are always aware of the fact that eating out of doors these days could be a pain if there are too many smokers around.  Here on the Maltese islands smoking is not permitted inside a restaurant, but come the summer all the tables are moved outside.  Tables inside mean that the smokers have to put on their hard done by act and go outside for a fix.  When eating outside of course they can assert their god given right to smoke as and when they please and if you don't like sitting next to them then hard luck.
Well anyway the other night we had barely sat at the table and looked at the menu before we were assailed by a positive smoke screen for two adjoining tables, so we had no alternative but to give up and leave.  The Maitre D. apologised, it wasn t her fault anyway, and said that they are not allowed to ask diners not to smoke, except that on one occasion they had asked one diner not to smoke his cigars.  I suppose it is all a question of degree, there are some who would find cigar smoke more offensive than cigarettes.  I wonder how she would have reacted to my Dad's smelly old pipe !

Still only another few weeks of summer here in the Maltese archipelago and some of the tables will be migrating back indoors.