Monday, November 5, 2012

Free Web hosting

One of my first attempts at creating a website was to create a place where people researching their ancestors with the surname WORSFOLD could share their experiences and hopefully help each other.  This was in Geocities one of the earliest free host sites as far as I know.  Well that worked quite well for a few years and then Geocities got swallowed up by Yahoo and my Worsfold page disappeared,

I then reconstituted the page on Bravenet, another free server and that also worked well for quite a number of year,but suddenly (I am not sure when it happened) my links the page have come upwith a virtually blank page saying that the page had expired,

No explanations on Bravenet website, the4y now only list their paid hostings.

OK, so I wasn't paying anything and a commercial company has no obligations to non fee paying customers, but at least they could have made an announcement before pulling the plug, to give folk the chance ti move their web pages elsewhere and repair links which would be broken when a page disappears,

Unfortunately my pages on Bravenet were not important enought tio be archived on the way-back machine.

we live and learn, or do we.