Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hone Stone

Do you know what a Hone Stone is?

Until very recently if you had asked me I would have thought along the lines of those stones used in olden days for sharpening scythes and sickles and the like.  I knew that there were stones used by carpenters for sharpening chisels but thought they were called oil stones.

I recently found that one of my great-great grandfathers was a hone stone manufacture in Stair in Ayrshire.
Hone stones from this small manufactory in the mid nineteenths century had two brand names Tam O' Shanter and Water of Ayr and they were famous mainly for sharpening razors and a finer variety was used in the jewelry trade.

The stones quarried in the Dalmore Estate near the small village of Stair in Ayrshire.  How William McKie came to be the proprietor here is very vague and difficult to follow.  It was originally owned in the early part of the century by a James Heron and according to some information it was passed down through the female side of this family.  William McKie was  the son of Janet Heron but we have not established the direct connection between Janet and James Heron..  Work for another day.  

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Old technology still works.

Have you noticed in the recent spell of cold weather  that despite all the latest gizmos in cars you have to revert to  the old ways to get started and they always seem to work.  You might have a satnav which helps you get lost in a strange town or a hi fi radio with 190 stations nione of which you want to listen to, but you still need a shovel to clear the snow from the driveway.unless you are the Highways agency, when you will need four blokes and a aJCB.

And the best way of getting the frost off the windscreen is still a plastic scraper as the heated windscreen system takes too long to work. And when the doors are frozen closed and you have a wireless key with no keyhole, how do you unfreeze the lock?  Such is progress.