Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ten signs you may think you are getting old

  • One.  You are the only man in a restaurant without designer stubble and  wearing a tie

  • Two:  you don't wear shorts in the street until the sun comes out

  • Three:  you give up your seat in a bus to a young woman carrying a baby

  • Four:  you consider shaving  every day

  • Five:  you are surprised  at the price of a pint of beer

  • Six: you press your jeans with creases down the front

  • Seven: when you were young you didn't know any girls called Kylie 

  • Eight:  you keeping waiting for a tune in a modern song 

  • Nine: you wonder why boys shorts are longer than girls skirts

  • Ten:  you now understand the meaning of "second childhood" - nobody listened to you when you were young and nobody listens now .

  • Eleven:  you can't keep count
  • Twelve:  You remember this ad

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