Saturday, November 8, 2014

Another World War One Book?

If you go to Amazon Books and type in "World War One" you will get over 19000 hits, yes that is right over nineteen thousand or nearly twenty thousand probably in a week or three.


So why am I going to suggest that if your are a family historian you should write another one ?

My simple answer, is you can and you should.

If you have an ancestor, Grandfather or Great grandfather, uncles or granduncles who served or died in the the first world war then they deserve to be remembered, not just en masse on Remembrance Sunday but as individuals.
I think there are three main reasons why a family historian or genealogist should write up their family histories in a narrative and there are no doubt others.

First, don’t waste your research.
You have spent a lot of time and effort and perchance a fair bit of money in the process of finding out about your ancestors. It would be a great shame and a waste for it not to be recorded in a way that will be understandable to others, particularly your present day family, who, quite often, do not appear to be particularly interested.

Secondly your ancestors deserve it
Your great grandparents, or whichever part of your family you decide to focus on, should not be left unheard of and unremembered. You have the capacity and the knowledge to record their lives, so that future generations will know of their forbears.

Finally no one else will do it
The chances are no-one else is going to write a book about your ancestors, so it is up to you. Not only can you do it, you should. Consider the alternatives, many years of work recorded in a gedcom on a CD, or a loose-leaf binder full of Family Group Sheets, Descendant charts and so on. Most regard that as being a “no contest” compared to a printed book.

So get down to it and write the story of that one soldier amongst all the others, he was an individual, not just one of the dreadful statistics of the "Great War", a man with a family, mother, wife,children, siblings, all making him unique.  He needs to be remembered not just as an entry  on a group sheet but in words that your family will understand and appreciate. 

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